“Being a True Light in Love and in Works” Our Leaders Elder Larry Ireland, was saved under the Leadership of Bishop William L Bonner. He was baptized February 16, 1997 in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. He received the gift of the Holy Spirit, March 24, 1997 He  received his calling in 1998. Shortly afterwards, he was appointed to work with  the youth department. Elder Ireland was ordained by the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ Apostolic Faith, Inc. in July, 2011.  It was a desire of his to one day start a work for the Lord in Macomb Michigan, Elder Ireland is a preacher/teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has a love for souls, he believes that a strong prayer life is essential and that reading and meditating on God’s word daily is a must. The Lord laid upon his heart to begin a ministry in which we know as New Generation Ministry of Apostolic Faith, Inc. one year ago. He asked the Lord,what would be it’s purpose and the Lord said , A light to this generation! He is married to Kelly Ireland. Sis Ireland supports her husband with daily prayers and support of the ministry. She too shares a love for souls, a teacher and  prayer warrior. She was also saved under the Leadership of Bishop William L Bonner. She’s a woman of virtue, compassion and a woman that fears the Lord! Being a registered nurse, she promotes higher education. She believes that today’s youth need to strive both spiritually and naturally. Together by God’s grace, their joint prayer is to make a difference in this generation! Our Leaders